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Free Aidi Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for something more than just a casual pet, a dog that, other than being a member of the family can also take care of your household or at least watch it at night, then you might chose Aidi. The Aidi, originally known as Chien de l'Atlas, is a Moroccan breed of dog, and is a native of that country.

Aidis make amazing watchdogs and were formerly used for the purpose of guarding the flocks of goats and sheep. They are scent hounds and hence are also used as extremely efficient sniffer dogs.

They are usually of average height ranging somewhere over 29 to 30 inches. Being fairly light, at just a bit above 55 pounds, the Aidis can run pretty fast. They have a comparatively strong, lithe, agile and limber structure, which compliments their ferocious nature. A thick coarse weather-proof fur coat protect the Aidis from the cold winds. Their exceptionally strong and supine jaws are a bit tapered, and are tipped with a black nose, in some cases even brown.

By far Aidis are not delicate dogs and can withstand extreme conditions. They do not call for much attention from the part of their owners, to whom they are viciously faithful. They are happy with just one bath in a week and, unlike many other pet dogs their fur are not needed to be groomed regularly.

They are not easily available in the market; however, you may get yourself free Aidi puppies from some of the pet stores on the internet.

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