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Free Airedale Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Airedale terrier, or better known as the waterside terrier, is a breed, which originated in Airedale, near Yorkshire, in England. This dog was originally used for hunting otters around the bank of River Aire. The Airedales are widely known for their indefatigable spirit, sharp intelligence, and fierce loyalty. For that reason, Airdales are still, used as police dogs for tracking and chasing the criminals.

The Airedales are roughly 29 inches high when they are fully grown and, they weigh somewhere around 44 to 50 pounds. They have very cheerful disposition and are very entertaining. However, if you live in an apartment then, keeping this dog as a pet is not advisable, as he needs plenty of space to move and play around.

Like maximum terriers, Airedales also have a rough or broken coat, which is wiry, dense and coarse, on the exteriors and quite soft and short underneath. This breed is very prone to shedding, so they need to be groomed or stripped, once or even twice in a week.

The average life span of an Airedale is 12 to 14 years, and they are very susceptible to eye problems in the later stages of their lives. The Airedales are purely hunting dogs and so while at work they are quite vigil and alert. They prefer independence so taming them is a hard task. However if this task is carried out responsibly then it will surely turn out to be the most rewarding experience, as they can be unbelievably obedient, intelligent and active.

Airedales are not very widely available, but a refined search over the internet might turn out some websites which give out free Airedale terrier puppies.

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