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Free Akitas Puppies For Sale

The most outstanding feature of an Akita is that it is extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humor, which will never fail to amuse you. The Akitas have a strong and agile structure and their face reflects nobility. They are primarily of Japanese origin; however, one can easily confuse them with the Akita Inu, which is a completely separate breed.

The Akitas are inclined to their master’s family and have a very protective attitude towards them, for which, they make remarkable watchdogs. They are very faithful and loyal, and are also quite sociable with other pets and small children.

The Akitas are quite docile and intelligent, in the red of which they can easily adjust to any household. For the same reason, one also does not face much problem while training an Akita.

The Akitas usually have bulky bear-like head and have triangular ears. They appear to possess a lot of strength, and that by the way, they actually do. The coat of an Akita is quite thick and rough. They have feet, which resemble that of a cat and are in fact knuckled up.

A matured Akita is 29 to 30 inches tall and at 100 to 130 pounds, they are quite heavy for their size. Their average life span is around 12 to 13 years; however there are certain case where an Akita has lived up to the age of even 16 years.

The Akitas are quite widely available all around the world and are very popular. In fact, you can acquire free Akita Puppies from a few websites.

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