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Free American Bulldogs Puppies For Sale

American bulldogs are one of the most common pets in USA, and are the closest relative of the English bulldogs, from whom their breed has emerged. They are fairly intelligent and are extremely courageous,

He does not enjoy a very social atmosphere, and in fact, is sometimes, aggressive towards other animals. You might even find him staying aloof from all other family members, during one of his mood swings. However, all said and done during the playtime, only few other dogs can show as much energy as he can. They make great companions to small kids and even grown ups.

There are two types of American bulldogs namely, Scott and Johnson, named after their respective breed developer, Allen Scott and John D. Johnson. The Scotts are generally shorter than the Johnson types, however they have bigger muzzle. An average American bulldog weighs approximately 80 to 1125 pounds and is roughly 20 to 29 inches tall.

They have a got a short smooth coat, which is either white in color variegated with patches, or they are black with white brindle, or white with fawn brindle. Fortunately, his coat is short and does not require frequent grooming, which means you do not have to spend a lot of time behind his maintenance. He is not very fond of water and hence should be given a bath only when necessary.

Owing to his dominant and guarding attitude, he might be a little hard to train, but once that is done at an earlier stage, he can grow up into really endearing pet, with happy and sunny disposition.

Those of you, who are interested, can easily get yourself free American bulldog puppies from some online pet stores.

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