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Free American Hairless Terrier Puppies For Sale

American Hairless Terrier, or simply AHT as they are better known as, is a breed of dogs that do not have any hair on their body. For a very long time the American Hairless Terriers were considered as Rat terriers, but hey first gained recognition in 1981, owing to the experimentation of Edwin and Willy Scott, who found out that they were a completely different breed all together and have descended from rat terriers.

The American Hairless Terriers have deep chests, powerful lithe legs, superbly strong shoulders and rock-hard necks. All over they are well muscled and are extremely strong and agile. Their skin is predominantly pink variegated with various colors like, grey, black and golden. At the time of birth, they do possess tufts of hair all over their body, but they shed this off by the time they are a couple of weeks old.

Intelligent, alert, playful and lovable, are few of the characteristics of an American Hairless Terrier. They make excellent companions owing to their compassionate nature. They are also quite safe with small children. Early socializing and training is very necessary or he might develop a gruff attitude and might be harmful to smaller animals.

Exercising is very important for this breed of dogs, and generally, a daily regime of 25 to 30 minutes is enough to keep them fit and strong. They are small dogs and are extremely light. Their standard height is 15 to 16 inches and weighs around 7 to 15 pounds. Their normal lifespan is about 13 to 14 years.

American Hairless Terrier is fairly rare breed and there are many people who are actively working towards spreading awareness about this breed. If you are lucky then you might find a few free American Hairless Terrier puppies available at a few online pet stores.

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