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Free American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

You are at the right place to sell or buy at our listing site of free American Staffordshire terrier puppies. If you are here looking for a new pet, then American Staffordshire terriers are good candidates. These dogs make excellent pets because they are strong and bold, at the same time friendly and playful. They can get along well with everyone in the family, be it adults or children.

American Staffordshire terriers are average shredding dogs, so grooming is hardly a problem. They generally have a smooth coat with short hair. Weighing about 25-30 kilos, these dogs stand about 17-18 inches tall. The life expectancy stretches from 9 to 15 years. These cute puppies are muscular and stocky, with a broad head, strong jaws and erect ears. This breed is quite healthy, though regular exercise is a must. Possible health risks include cataract and heart diseases. They have a high level of pain endurance.

The average American Staffordshire terrier is a happy and confident dog. It can add cheer to any household with its amusing antics. The young pup can be very energetic and slightly difficult to housebreak. But once trained, it is a very affectionate dog. American Staffordshire terrier puppies quickly endear themselves to children. This breed makes for a loyal and protective companion. These dogs are alert, intelligent and courageous. Such dogs make good guard dogs.

With such excellent traits, the American Staffordshire terrier should definitely be the right choice for a pet. Take one home and see what a lovely playmate you get!

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