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Free American Water Spaniels Puppies For Sale

We know you will love our range of free American water spaniels puppies. And that’s because these interesting dogs will definitely catch your attention and make you take them home as pets.

American Water Spaniels are very intelligent and agile dogs. These are also used as hunter dogs. People in the countryside use them for hunting rabbits, ducks and more. For city-dwellers, this breed is a good guard dog. Once you put an American water spaniel on guard duty, you can relax. Any American water spaniel is a very willing-to-learn dog, but will definitely snap if treated badly!

The average American water spaniel is about 30 to 45 pounds heavy, with a height of about 17 inches. These dogs can manage well in apartments, but must be exercised to stay fit. They have unique looks, with an outer coat of tight curly hair and an inner coat. The head and ears are quite long and the teeth make for a scissors bite. Though it seems tough to groom the greasy coat, the coat is easy to maintain if cleaned regularly. This dog is a light shredder. Most American water spaniels are healthy, though some might be susceptible to skin problems. With a life-span of about 12 to 15 years, this dog can be around for a nice long time!

American Water Spaniels are adorable and friendly playmates. They are very enthusiastic and respond well to light training. These dogs can manage if left alone for a while, but pups must be socialized well to avoid timidity later. Overall, this dog is a good pet waiting for you!

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