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Free Anatolian Shepherds Puppies For Sale

Find the best listings of Free Anatolian Shepherds puppies in one spot! Discover all you needed to know about these dogs before you take one of them home as a pet. These cute puppies grow into handsome dogs that any pet owner will be proud of!

Anatolian Shepherds puppies are very independent and calm by nature. They are not the whiny sorts that need complete attention. But yes, they can be slightly demanding. Anatolian Shepherds puppies are very affectionate, but grown up Anatolian Shepherds can be very possessive of the home and family they are with. Strangers are unwelcome unless introduced properly beforehand. These dogs are fairly easy to train, but they need proper training with a calm and persuasive approach. They must ideally be trained when pups. Such dogs are natural guard dogs and can be very loyal.

Anatolian Shepherds are quite huge and are the enduring type. They generally have a smooth outer coat. They may weigh around 120 pounds, with a life expectancy of about 15 years. Anatolian Shepherds are best suited for homes with a yard and need good regular exercise. They are heavy shredders once or twice a year. But overall grooming is very easy. Immunity of the young pup takes a while to develop and the dog can be sensitive to anesthesia. Parvo-virus vaccination must be given to the dog.

These brave, proud and alert Anatolian Shepherds can make delightful and strong pets. With all these plus points, you would love to become the owner of a lovely Anatolian Shepherd.

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