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Free Australian Cattle Dogs Puppies For Sale

You will find Blue Heeler, Hall’s Healer, and Queensland Heeler under a common listing of Free Australian Cattle Dogs puppies. That’s because these are all the different names of the same breed namely Australian cattle dogs.

The Australian cattle dog is a muscular, strong, working animal. It has a sturdy look and a robust stance and is agile at the same time. It has a slightly curvy tail and the dog is longer than it is tall. These dogs have a broad head with slightly pointy ears. They have two coats, the outer one quite weather-resistant. Watch out for undesirable black marks on the body of an Australian cattle dog.

One important thing about this breed is that the Australian cattle dog is a very outdoorsy animal. It won’t help if this dog is kept indoors for long. The dog can get bored, restless and this could lead to behavioral problems. But for those with adequate romping space for such a dog, you have an active and happy pet. Such dogs can be trained well. They make excellent guard dogs with their keen senses. The Australian cattle dogs are usually very devoted to one specific person. They can be taught to be good with children, but are suspicious of all strangers.

The range of Free Australian Cattle Dogs puppies listed here includes intense working dogs as well as the slightly less demanding homely pets. Possible health concerns include hip dysplasia. But overall, these dogs have high stamina and can take upon work very well. If you lead a very active lifestyle, consider an Australian cattle dog for a pet.

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