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Free Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Allow us to share with you our Free Australian Labradoodle puppies. With this listing, we wish to extend to you the opportunity of enjoying the amazing companionship of Australian labradoodles.

At first look, these dogs seem weird and too hairy. But rest assured, these dogs are allergy and asthma friendly. You might be under the assumption that a cross between a lab retriever and a poodle makes for a Labradoodle. The assumption is true to an extent. This breeding attempt was made after lots f research and observation. Both the original breeds were crossed with the view of combining the best traits of both. The result seems good enough: a light-shredding, affable dog that makes an excellent guide dog.

All our free Australian Labradoodle puppies are genuinely affectionate and very smart. They are very sociable creatures and can be friendly with other pets as well. They are playful and make for amusing pets. In time, you will definitely see how cute these dogs can be. The Australian Labradoodle is non-aggressive by nature but certainly possessive about its owners. They are simple to train and can learn to perform various tricks. These dogs are bred as standard or miniature, with varying height and weight for both varieties. Grooming is quite simple and a regular brushing will be enough for this non-shredding dog.

These dogs can manage in apartments of exercised sufficiently enough. They might get naughty at times but then, it is a friendly pet you are dealing with! Enjoy the company of an active dog at home by buying an Australian Labradoodle of your choice.

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