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Free Australian Shepherds Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for amusing and congenial pets, browse through the Free Australian Shepherds puppies listed here. These attentive and robust dogs are perfect for your home.

Cute puppies like the Australian shepherd are very obedient and eager to please the master. They have an active disposition which makes them great pets for a house full of kids. They can be easily bored though. If left alone for long, these dogs can get nervous and restless. All our dogs among the Free Australian Shepherds puppies listed here are intelligent and easy to train. Socializing these dogs at a young age will be helpful for all. Inactive apartment life is not suitable for such dogs. Give the dog some room to play and some quality time and you will gain a devoted friend.

The average Australian shepherd weighs about 26 kg and stands about 21 inches tall. Ears are high set. The weatherproof coat comes in many colors and is not too tough to groom. This is an average shredding breed. The Australian shepherd has a medium mane and a bobtail. Merle color pups might have a hearing problem. This breed is vulnerable to cataract.

Our Free Australian Shepherds puppies will give you no room for complaint. Check them out at leisure and take home a pet to love. These are courageous and protective, smart animals that can add cheer to your home. Give one of these dogs a chance to be your companion. You will be proud of your decision!

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