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Free Basenji Puppies For Sale

You are at the right place if you are looking for a list of Free Basenji puppies that you can choose from. These lovely looking dogs await your attention, so pick the four-legged companion you think will be right for you!

The Free Basenji puppies listed here are all athletic dogs with elegant and interesting looks. They have a slightly wrinkled forehead which gives them a thoughtful appearance. They are endowed with a rich coat with hair in various hues. With its long legs and muscular thighs, this breed of dog has a distinct horse-like style when running. Basenji puppies seldom bark. Instead, they compensate with a variety of interesting yodels and howls.

All our Free Basenji puppies have a common trait: intelligence and obedience. These dogs make playful companions with an obvious enthusiasm for any activity. Though silent by nature, they are definitely not inactive. They are alert and agile. They love to climb but are not too friendly with cats! However, you can safely have 2 or 3 dogs in the house with a Basenji. They can be trained to please the owner. They work well with children but they can be quite aloof at times. With an endearing charm of their own, these Basenji puppies can get their whims fulfilled many a time.

Regarding the health aspect, this breed is susceptible to kidney ailments. Regular exercise is compulsory for these dogs. They require very less grooming. They are affectionate, adorable and protective animals. As a household pet, a basenji pup can be excellent!

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