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Free Basset Hounds Puppies For Sale

Look nowhere else for free basset hounds puppies. We have the perfect pets for animal lovers. Our free basset hounds puppies will be a lovely addition to any family. These cute puppies are normally well-behaved and will be the right companion for teenagers as well as the elderly. If you are unfamiliar with this breed and want to know more, read on!

The free basset hounds puppies listed here come in various hound colors. They are normally about 14 inches tall, weighing anywhere from 50-60 lbs. The hair is normally tough, and these basset hounds have a good coat which should be maintained short. The basset hounds shed regularly, so cleaning with a good brush should help. Trimming toenails is a must-do routine. Also, basset hounds have slightly sensitive ears. They have a tendency to overeat and laze. Though stubborn at times, this is a peaceful breed, so you need not worry about bringing home a hyperactive and demanding pet.

You will find many cute basset hound puppies for sale if you come to the right place! Rest assured that you are selecting a lovely breed of gentle and affectionate dogs. But yes, this dog can howl really well, so you can be alerted of intruders easily. Basset hounds love kids. They can be trained but patience is a must while trying to make these dogs do things. They are fun-loving and can be great companions for anyone. Choose a dog from the list of basset hounds and you will never regret your choice!

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