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Free Beagles Puppies For Sale

Beagle is a medium sized dog and a member of the hound family. Beagle with shiny luscious coat looks cute as a puppy. Though tricolor beagles are more common, you can find beagle puppies in many colors. The large eyes give a pleading look for this hound like species. The head of beagle will be broad and the legs are short in proportion to the body. The females will be slightly smaller than the males.

This dog has inherent hunting properties and it was mainly used for hunting in the past. You can train your beagles properly only if you spend some time with him everyday. He is not very obedient and he wants the master to train him effectively. He will be distracted by smells around him, but he always wishes to please his master. Beagle can be a good servant even though you are not a good master. He expects consistent training from the master and hence, ask your family members to follow a set of guidelines when they interact with the puppy. The training session should be short when your beagle is a puppy and you can lengthen the training if your puppy grows big.

Beagles are not essential guard dogs because they are not aggressive animals. Finding free beagles puppies is a tough task, but you can find one from your local breeding shop. Many pet classifieds contain information about free beagles puppies and it is important to watch out for these classifieds to get your own puppy.

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