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Free Beauceron Puppies For Sale

Beauceron was mainly a sheep dog used by farmers in the 1500s. He retains his herding nature in the present century too. Beauceron with shiny eyes can be found in black and tan. The double coat protects him from outside weather. Even though he has double coat, his hair is not shaggy. Beauceron is an excellent breed found to follow the training intelligently. He is used in police and military to assist the guarding job.

Beauceron is a very faithful and intelligent animal. If you are looking for good guard dogs, then free Beauceron puppies can be the best option. He is obedient, but may turn destructive if he gets bored. Beauceron loves fenced farms where he can spend his time energetically. You can train him from the puppy stage and he is a quick learner. Though he can behave socially with other pets at home, you cannot expect him to be very friendly with your small kids. Free Beauceron puppies can be bred at homes with grown up children.

Beauceron can watch and guard your home and he barks at strangers. None except his master can become friendly to him easily. If you have other pets and many members in your household, you should socialize Beauceron as a puppy. While training the dog, you have to be firm and consistent. He has the tendency to become the boss because of his hearing nature, but you can prevent this by providing appropriate training. You need to make him exercise everyday to stay energetic and occupied.

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