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Free Belgian Laekenois Puppies For Sale

Belgian Laekenois, the shepherd dog is the rarest of the four Belgian shepherd dogs. This dog has distinctive interlaced white and brown hair all over its body. The square proportioned dog has distinct sharp triangular ears differentiating it from the other shepherd dogs.

The coat of the Belgian Laekenois differentiates it from the rest of the dog breeds. The coat does not retain water and it should not be bathed regularly. Slight trimming of the coat is sufficient and you must never clip the hairs closely. Belgian Laekenois is workaholic and it loves to be busy. When you have a job for him, he will be ready to do that. This dog breed is faithful and intelligent. More than a family companion, he can be your job assistant.

Free Belgian Laekenois puppies can be searched if you are looking for intelligent watch dogs. They can also get along well with an active family. They hate to be bored and you must give them some job to keep them happy. You should not buy free Belgian Laekenois puppies when you stay in an apartment because this breed needs lot of space to move around and have fun. You have to train this dog as a puppy when you have other pets at home.

You have to keep Belgian Laekenois engaged and play with him in your backyard. He is not a silent dog and he always wants to run and wander outside. You should not go for Belgian Laekenois if you are looking for a silent companion who can sit with you when you are relaxing.

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