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Free Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale

Just like any other Belgian shepherd dog, Belgian Malinois is a well built hardworking dog. In some counties, it is not recognized as a separate breed and it is commonly called as Belgian shepherd. Free Belgian Malinois puppies can be trained to become watchdogs. They perform excellent guard job and they can follow the instructions clearly. So, they are used extensively in the police department to guard the state.

It is essential to socialize free Belgian Malinois puppies right from the beginning if you have small children at home. These active puppies need someone to engage them often and they may become mischievous with kids when you don’t supervise them for a long time. Belgian Malinois has a distinct short yellowish coat. You can also find free Belgian Malinois puppies in various colors like grey, mahogany, and fawn.

The short hair coat can be groomed easily. You don’t have to bathe him regularly because the protective oils from the hair will be removed on account of regular bathing. Belgian Malinois does not shed much hair and your house can be kept clean. It is important to brush the small coat to keep the coat soft. Belgian Malinois is an intelligent dog that can follow your orders. He may become aggressive when you instruct him to stay quiet for a long time. He may also become ferocious when you don’t provide him with ample moving space. Once you train the dog right from its earlier age, it is easy to control the dog when it grows old.

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