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Free Belgian Tervuren Puppies For Sale

Belgian Tervuren is a Belgian shepherd dog breed with the similar characteristics as the other sheepdogs. This dog differs in its look with thick double coat. The medium sized, square proportioned dog has a coat in mahogany shade and includes a black mask.

Like any other herding dog, Belgian Tervuren is intelligent and attentive. This shepherd dog is highly energetic and needs a job to keep him busy. You can start training your pet once you buy free Belgian Tervuren puppies. He can get along well with your family, but has to be socialized at earlier age. He develops a strong relationship with his master and he stays away from strangers. This makes him a typical watch and guard dog. Belgian Tervuren is very attentive and it can detect even the smallest change in its environment.

To stay healthy and happy, Belgian Tervuren requires regular exercises and games. He expects you to spend some time with him everyday and he loves to be appreciated by you. After the training, he will obey your commands and react intelligently. Sometimes, he may become nervous looking at his environment, but this problem can be solved when you understand your pet.

Grooming Belgian Tervuren is easy as the coat is fairly thick. The coat has the inherent property to shed dirt and debris. The hair lays flat on the body and it is not shaggy. You have to brush the coat regularly to remove the underlying loss coat. Belgian Tervuren is found to perform well in the show rings.

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