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Free Bernese Mountain Dogs Puppies For Sale

Bernese Mountain Dogs are 2000 years old and their country of origin is Scotland. Today, these dogs are grown as watch and guard dogs. Apart from this purpose, pet lovers nurture this breed, as they are friendly dogs. The speciality of this breed is that it can withstand even cold weather. If you live in cold countries and love dogs, you can consider buying free Bernese Mountain Dogs puppies for your home.

The jet black wavy, thick and shiny coat makes Bernese Mountain Dogs unique. You can also find dark patches on the skin and these patches are predominantly found on chest. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be great pets for the entire family, but they are not suitable for homes with small kids. The male dogs are aggressive and they don’t like other male pets. If you have multi-pets in your household, stop thinking about free Bernese Mountain Dogs puppies. They cannot breed well with other male pets in your household.

Bernese mountain dog is good watch dogs and they can assist in your work too. It all depends on the training you provide when he is small. It is a versatile animal with intelligence. It is a tough and sturdy dog and you can find these dogs pulling carts with children during carnivals and shows. Bernese Mountain Dogs need more space to play and have fun. They don’t like to mingle with strangers except for members in your household. They prefer to be handled by a single person for whom they will be loyal.

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