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Free Bichons Frise Puppies For Sale

Bichons Frise is an adorable dog breed loved by many beauty conscious pet lovers. The white coat with black nose and dark eyes give a beautiful look for these dogs in the show ring. This is a small breed but it is sturdy. The head and legs are also short in proportion to the size of the body. The outer coat is curly while the inner coat is soft and silky.

Bichons Frise is highly playful and he enjoys playing with small children. He is highly patient and listens to his master. Bichons Frise loves to be socialized and they can move well with strangers too. These dogs are grown as watch dogs if properly trained.

Free Bichons Frise puppies can be found with pet owners who offer free adoption of their pets. During the initial days, the puppy may feel reluctant to stay with you, but once you show your affection, the puppy will start playing. You can buy free Bichons Frise puppies even if you have allergy, as these dogs don’t shed their hair.

Like any other no shed dogs, grooming is essential for Bichons Frise to prevent matting. The curly hair has to be brushed and groomed everyday to keep the outer coat free from dirt and debris. You can cut the outer coat to have a uniform coat on the outside. Puppy cut will not need regular grooming. After bathing, you should dry him completely. It is your responsibility to keep his coat clean after his bowel movements.

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