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Free Black Russian Terriers Puppies For Sale

Black Russian terriers, the large Russian bred dogs, are considered as friendly companions. Originally, this breed was considered the best for guarding and police investigations. Their initial breeding was started by the former Russian military in order to guard the prison camps, border troops and military installations.

Though the free Black Russian Terriers puppies don’t usually get along with other non-household animals, they are great protectors, hunting dogs, herders, companions and family pets. They are quite indomitable when it comes to dog sports like Schutzhund training and Agility.

Their coats are of black color, along with being waterproof, dense and wavy. Their coating needs regular washing, at least twice a week. Their face bangs and the beards make them very distinct and cute to look at.

Free Black Russian Terriers puppies are acknowledged for their courage, athleticism and strength. The male breeds are distinctly masculine from their female counterparts. Their longevity is at least for 10-14 years. Though they are prone to certain hereditary diseases like Hip dysplasia, Progressive retinal atrophy and Elbow dysplasia. But at the same time, they have sturdy nervous system. The females can give birth to around 6- 12 puppies in one reproductive season.

Moreover, free Black Russian Terriers puppies are excellent at competitions related to obedience, consistent training and immediate response. But if they are not properly trained, they cannot be dominated by their owners in the needed manner. At times, they do get hyperactive and very destructive, if their energy is not burnt out.

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