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Free Bloodhounds Puppies For Sale

Bloodhounds are basically large breeds of dogs, which were earlier bred by monks at St. Hubert in Belgium. Due to these reasons, they are even referred to as St. Hubert hounds. They have known as one of the oldest dog breeds of the world.

These breeds have the inherent scenting ability and thus, are employed for tracking criminals, escaped prisoners and missing people. Since, they can follow scents, which are even hours or days older, they are also referred as scent hounds. Thus, these free bloodhounds puppies are very remarkable when it comes to archetypal dog trainings.

The normal colors of free Bloodhounds puppies are liver, black, tan and red. During the middle ages, even the white bloodhounds existed. In spite of the degradation in their color patterns, they have very large and firm skeletal structure with major part of their weight concentrating in their bones. Their coat is not made of hair and is basically composed with fur.

In spite of regular cleaning, these bloodhounds have very strong odor. On the whole, they have a powerful, rugged and houndy appearance. Furthermore when they are young, they are quiet exuberant and rowdy. The females can give birth to around 8-10 puppies in one reproductive season.

Free Bloodhounds puppies commonly suffer from several gastro intestinal ailments like the Gastric Dilation volvulus. At the same time, they also suffer from high incidence of skin, eye and ear maladies. Their median life, at an average, reaches till 7 years, making them one of the shortest living dogs.

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