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Free Bolognese Puppies For Sale

Bolognese is mainly considered as a companion dog. By companion dogs, we mean those groups which are not used for doing work, but simply as pet dogs. They belong to the bichon family of dogs. The other name of this breed is Bichon Bolognese. They have mainly descended from the bichon-type of dogs mainly in southern Italy, in the 11th and 12th century. In Italy, they have originated within the metropolis of Bologna. Bolognese is very trainable but requires gentle training techniques also.

You can get free Bolognese puppies on the web from owners, who cannot take care of many dogs simultaneously. The puppies are small, square, white and compact having a typical single coat. They have short hair on their face. The hair is wooly rather than silky, which are neither trimmed nor clipped. These animals have large dark eyes, as well as nose.

Bolognese is approximately 25-30 cm long at their shoulders. Their approximate weight is between 4-5 kg. Some of the free Bolognese puppies bought from professional breeders may grow bigger in size too.

While not fully rambunctious, Bolognese puppies are very active as well as playful animals. These dogs generally are very much intelligent, and affectionate. They are also exceptional family companions, but are reserved in front of strangers. They are mainly considered as hypoallergenic. They have little or no shedding.

You’ll find your free Bolognese puppies to be very happy and docile. However, they are very friendly and like to make strong bonding with owners as well as children. Their life span is of 12-14 years.

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