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Free Briard Puppies For Sale

Pets often become an integral part of a family and occupy a place of importance in their life. As dog lovers will vouch for, pet dogs make most demands on your time and attention. Before taking up a pet dog, you need to understand, which breed will suit your house and needs. One breed that makes for a great companion is the Briard.

It is advisable to raise a puppy and train it according to your requirements. This breed has high and free spirit. It is important to know the basic traits of free Braird puppies while training them. A French breed and a shepherd dog by nature, they love to socialize. With its Mary’s lamb attitude, they are likely to follow you everywhere.

Yet it’s not easy to train Briard puppies. They can get obstinate at times. It’s necessary to give them continual reward-based training.

Due to their regular coat shedding and dirt-carrying habits, Briards can be difficult to rear. As their beards tend to drip when they drink, constant cleaning is a must with free Briard puppies around.

Briard puppies have distinctive qualities such as double dewclaws and J shaped tails. Breeders will know that a Briard has two coats, usually found in yellowish-brown, black or gray shades. Double-coloured puppies are not generally found to be attractive.

True to their lineage, free Briard puppies, which you can get from a dog owner, grow up to be huggable dogs that are strong and protective. These endearing qualities have helped Briards find home and heart of dog lovers.

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