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Free Brittanys Puppies For Sale

Free Brittanys puppies are a rare breed. The Brittany is also called a Brittany Spaniel or an American Brittany. This breed was originally a cross between an English Setter and a small breed of Spaniel and is now one of the most popular hunting dogs and a pointer. Once full grown it will weigh between fourteen to eighteen kg and will grow to a height of between 43 to 53 cm. It is a muscular dog with a compact build and has small triangular ears which are set high. The expression is always alert and the nose varies from pink to brown in color. The tails are short and should be cropped. The length of the full grown Brittany is around the same as its height.

The coat is usually white and has orange markings, they could also be a combination of liver and white, black and white or black and tri colored or liver and tri colored. The coats are thick and wavy and are of medium length. This is an active breed which has to be exercised or else they become destructive because their energy has not been used. An athletic dog, it is also intelligent and curious as it is quick. It loves adventure and is also an independent creature.

This is a sociable pet and gets on well with other pets and children too; only one has to be watchful because of its unbounded energy which could make it boisterous. As they are too friendly they do not make good watch dogs. An easy to maintain pet, it has a life span of around 13 years.

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