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Free Brussels Griffons Puppies For Sale

Brussels Griffons are a toy breed which grow to just about 8 inches in height and weigh around 8 to 10 pounds. This makes a happy friendly pet which gels well with other pets, even cats, in the house and gets on well with children. Is a sensitive animal and loves to get attention as much as it gives its owner. May need to go to obedience school when still quite young, as they are noisy and bark a lot. Is a good alarm dog but needs to be trained to be quiet and obedient which will make it a perfect pet.

As with most small breeds the Brussels Griffons free puppies can be a bit temperamental and moody. On the one hand they are happy pets but on the other they are a highly strung and stubborn at times, who are difficult to house train. However, if the owners are firm in a gentle manner with it, it will learn and never disobey their commands once it understands the do's and don'ts of the house. It is for this reason that it is necessary to send this pet of yours to training school!

The Brussels Griffons comes with two kinds of coats, one which has wiry hair which is thick and rough and the other is short, straight, smooth and glossy. As it does shed hair, which gets tangled, will need a lot of grooming and brushing. The hair around the mouth should be kept clean as this could become caked after eating. Because of its tiny size it does not need outdoor exercise but running indoors should suffice for it.

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