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Free Bull Terrier Puppies For Sale

The Bull Terrier is a medium sized dog, which as originally a cross between an English Terrier and a Bulldog with a strain of the Spanish Pointer in it. This breed has been used for various purposes like a watch dog, a herder, a ratter and a guard dog. It grows to a height of 22 inches and weighs around 45 to 55 pounds. The coat is usually white in color with markings of various other colors on its head and is sometimes brindled; it is rather course to touch and is flat and short. The Bull Terrier's hair should always be maintained in a glossy condition and lying flat on the body. The skin is taut but never saggy or wrinkled. As the hair is short it does not need much grooming but the Bull Terrier free puppies should be protected during the cold season.

Though the Bull Terrier looks intimidating with its muscular build, it is a very affectionate animal. Its moods vary from being quiet and even lazy to full of energy and active at times. The owner should be firm with the pet and should let him know when he wants the dog to behave. This is really not a problems as by nature Bull Terriers are obedient and well behaved. They like company and do not like to be on their own for long periods. Putting it through a period of obedience training while it is still young helps, and one word of caution is that the dog should not be pestered.

Because of its short fur it does not require too much of grooming and just a good brushing will do. As this is an active breed the owner should ensure that the pet is given a lot of exercise to keep him healthy and happy.

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