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Free Bullmastiff Puppies For Sale

The Bullmastiff is a stocky well built animal and looks quite intimidating. Though its build seems to be awkward this is a very agile animal. The Bullmastiff free puppies have a wrinkled head which is broad in width and short till the tip of his nose. The snout and ears are darker than the remaining body color. The ears which are "V" shaped are wide set on the head. The hind portion of this breed is short, while the tail is tapered and set high. The loyalty of this breed is to the person it belongs to and the family. The nature of this animal is alert and there is no hesitation in protecting his loved ones if he feels they are threatened in anyway. While the Bullmastiff is young it should be trained and also made to understand who his loyalty should lie with! Because of its thin short fur this breed finds it difficult to tolerate extreme temperatures. The colors of the coat differs and can be brindled, red or with black markings on its head, and the texture and length of the hair is uniform throughout its body. The life span of this breed is around ten years, though there are some who have lived up to at least 14 years of age. The female can litter up to 13 puppies but the normal litter is around 8 in number. A full grown Bullmastiff can weigh around 60kg. and stand around 27 inches high. The female is slightly smaller and weighs a little less too.

Though this is a big dog, he does not need too much of space around him and can live happily in an apartment. As it cannot stand extreme temperatures it is happy to remain indoors but does need its regular exercise too.

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