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Free Cairn Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Cairn Terriers are the smallest amongst the Terriers and are originally from Scotland. Though they are sturdy dogs they are not too big or too heavy. They weight around 14 pounds as full grown adults and around ten inches high. The coat is shaggy but does not need much trimming or taking care of as it does not shed. The fur is double coated with an outer coat which is coarse and an inner one which is furry and short. These dogs can put up with any kind of weather and are pretty hardy animals. A very independent natured dog, it is a bossy, clever and courageous animal which will give chase at the slightest provocation. It loves children and is ready for a game and a chase and loves adventure. Mischievous and alert, they are also loyal.

Though its coat does not need much looking after, they have to be brushed regularly and the hair around their ears and eyes should be trimmed periodically. They tend to overeat and gain a lot of weight, so their diet has to be monitored. These dogs are not very happy to live out doors as they are allergic to fleas and prefer to live indoors along with the family. They are easy to teach tricks to and learn fast, but the teaching should be done firmly and not in a harsh manner as they are very sensitive dogs. Without enough to do this dog could get bored and then become destructive too. A very active pet, the Cairn terrier free puppies have to be taken care of if outside as they love to dig and hunt and get into trouble. A ball game can keep them going or hours.

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