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This is another double coated breed which has an inner coat which is thick and soft and an outer coat which is short, flat, straight and rough. The Canaan Dog free puppies are usually white in color with some colored patches. This is usually a combination of white and mash; black, liver, red, sandy and different shades of brown. The hair sheds heavily but only seasonally. The maximum weight at adulthood is around 55 pounds and the height around 24 inches. This breed originally is from the Middle East and was used as a guard dog by the Israelites. During the World war II the Canaan Dogs were used for patrolling, tracking and guarding and still carry out many of these duties in the United States, England, Western Europe and Israel.

This medium sized dog is a strong and has a good stamina and is resilient. This breed is hardworking, athletic and agile and has a keen sense of hearing and smell which comes in, in good stead to be alerted for danger. Though it is thought of as a primitive breed, it is a very intelligent breed which is also loyal and devoted and gets very attached to the family it belongs to. Wary and suspicious of strangers, they make good guard dogs but do bark a lot. It is best to have this dog as a pet when there are no other small pets around and only grown up children in the house. Because of their herding nature they will tend to use this on anything that moves! This is an almost maintenance free breed, but needs to be trained from a young age and has to have an owner who is experienced.

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