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Free Cardigan Welsh Corgi Puppies For Sale

The Cardigan Welsh free puppies are from the herding group of dogs. These dogs are originally from Wales and are similar to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They were originally bred to hunt vermin, guard farms and drive cattle. A rear breed, the Cardigan Welsh is very much in demand today. This small animal with a fox like face is low and long in its build, is around 12 inches tall as an adult and weights about 38 pounds at a maximum. The coat is in shades of sable and red and brindled; sometimes black or blue merle with or without the brindles. This breed has a double coat wherein the inside coat is soft and dense and the outer one is water resistant, straight and hard.

This hardy breed is an affectionate pet which is loyal to its owners, trustworthy and dependable. These animals are a versatile lot who have both speed and endurance in their activities. The Welsh Corgi is a happy dog with and endearing personality. They are courageous, alert, sensible and very intelligent dogs. A wary dog it is suspicious of strangers and protects its own territory and family. It is best to have this dog in a family with grown up children who are considerate. These dogs get on well with other non canine pets and with other Corgis, but not with dogs of other breeds. Because of their herding nature they try to perform this job with anything that moves and have to be protected. An easy to maintain breed they need to brushed once in a while and bathed with a mild shampoo when necessary only.

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