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Free Catahoula Bulldogs Puppies For Sale

The Catahoula Bulldogs are a cross breed between the American Bulldog and the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard. The temperaments of these animals can be anything that the two breeds are about and also a combination of the temperaments. It is not easy to be sure what they will grow up to be as adult dogs and whether they will be mild natured or not. This breed has been around for over a century now and thought there are no clear records on it, it is a breed that was found in America in the south. The word Catahoula means Clear Water in the American Indian language.

The Catahoula Bulldog free puppies have short smooth coats and tight firm skin. Though this is a single coated breed, a second coat may develop according to the climatic conditions. The ears of this large animal are either button over types or rose types and are cropped sometimes to give it a noble appearance. The color of the eyes vary from emerald green, to gold, ice blue and brown and sometimes a combination of these colors. The coats are also of different colors ranging from merle to white.

This cross bred animal weighs around 100 pounds and as an adult can be about 26 inches in height. This was generally used as a guard dog for protecting the property and family, for hunting and working and as a companion. These are excellent all round animals that look beautiful.

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