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Free Catahoula Leopard Puppies For Sale

These are large dogs which grow to a height of around 24 inches and weigh a maximum of 65 pounds to eighty pounds. Single coated, they come in various colors, brindled, spotted like leopards, yellow, red, black or blue. Their coat is thick and smooth and short. These are supposed to be descendants of war dogs and are adept at herding cattle and hunting wild boar, raccoons, bears, deer and squirrel. In 1979 these were named the state dog of Louisiana. An athletic breed, they are agile and territorial. They have a lot of energy and are enthusiastic by nature. Their paws are quite webbed and this allows them to walk with ease in marshy places. They are also great swimmers.

This medium and large sized dog is not to be handled by owners who have no experience with this breed or with dogs, and this is not a breed which can be kept with other household pets. It is preferable to keep these in homes with grown up children only. The Catahoula Leopard free puppies prefer to be with their own kind and do not mix well with other breeds. Wary of strangers and protective towards their own territory and home, they can be aggressive if they feel their family is endangered. With their own owners they are very playful and affectionate.

They require the minimum amount of grooming because of their short coats, and can be brushed regularly but bathed only when it is required. Their ears and their paws have to be cleaned regularly. Training in obedience should be started while they are still young as these are strong willed and dominating dogs.

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