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Free Chow Chows Puppies For Sale

Chow Chow is a breed of dog, which is related to Mongolia. Chow Chow comprises of a unique physical appearance, which is sufficient enough to attract a large number of people. It is a sturdily built dog with a broad skull. Ears of Chow Chow are small, triangular, erect and rounded at the tip. This breed of dog possesses an extremely dense double coat on their body. This coat is either rough or smooth in nature. The fur is thick around the neck region in comparison to the remaining body.

Chow-chows are available in five colors and they are blue, red, black, cream and cinnamon. While going for purchased or free Chow Chow puppies, it is vital to match them with some of the common features of this breed. It is noteworthy that their eyes are deep set and almond shaped. They can easily be distinguished from other breeds of dog, by their unusual purple/blue-black tongue. The hind legs of Chow Chows are straight, which results in a stilted gait. The bluish color extends to the lips of Chow Chow and it appears not only on the lips, but in the oral cavity as well.

If you are an inexperienced dog owner and bring some free Chow Chow puppies to your home, then it is important for you to note some of the things. Chow Chows does not fall in the category of active breeds. They can be a little bit aggressive and fearful, if they are not trained in a proper manner since the beginning. Some of the common diseases associated with this breed include elbow dysplasia, thyroid disease, pemphigus foliaceus and patellar luxation.

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