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Free Cocker Spaniels Puppies For Sale

Cocker Spaniels are one of the most famous breeds since 1880. This dog has a sturdy and compact body with silky, flat or wavy medium length coat. It has long hanging ears. The female dogs of this breed are a little smaller than the male dogs. The color of these dogs are black, black and tan or any other solid color other than black. The muzzle is broad, deep and wide with a square jaw. The upper lip covers the lower jaw completely as it hangs down. Black colored nose is found in black dogs, but the color of the nose may be brown in other colored dogs.

Cocker Spaniel can be used as gundog as well as a pet dog. These dogs are sweet, sensitive, cheerful, playful, trustworthy, easily trained and adaptable. Cocker Spaniel requires exercise of moderate amount to prevent it from obesity. They can be trained well as they are obedient to their masters. The long hanging ears of Cocker Spaniels are prone to infections as the long ears prevent circulation of air. Circulation of air usually keeps the ears dry and prevents them from moisture.

Cocker puppies can be taught at an early age to handle their ears and you can adopt free Cocker Spaniel puppies from those who are willing to give them for adoption. You should provide food for them in deep, narrow bowls to avoid the ears dipping into the food or water. These dogs love to play around in thickets and fields and pick up variety of seed heads and other things, which may tangle their coat. You have to brush them frequently in order to prevent the tangles, which can pull the skin and cause sores on the body.

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