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Free Coonhounds Puppies For Sale

Collies Coonhounds are normally used to hunt and the name coonhound is derived from it. In the southern states of North America, coon hunting is very popular in which these coonhounds were used. Coonhounds are powerful, affectionate and hardworking, which makes them the best pets you own. The size of the dog ranges from medium to large and their weight is normally 55-85 pounds, with a height of 23-27 inches. The bodies of coonhounds are sleek with well muscled legs and shoulders.

Ears of coonhounds are floppy and they have no tail. Around their muzzle they have a little tan and the coat is dense and short. The dense coat keeps them cool, when they are outdoors. Grooming is essential to check for ticks and insects and should brush them once a week to get rid of the dead and loose hair. You don’t have to bathe these dogs, but if necessary, you can do it by using a mild shampoo.

Coonhound is an extremely intelligent dog and they are one of the most obedient dogs. The stamina and the tenacity of these dogs enable them for hunting. Coonhound is a family dog and they like attention. They are reserved with strangers and they do not get along with smaller pets. Having a small home and backyard is good as they need a lot of exercise and interaction. Training should be given at an early age for proper socialization and also for obedience. They long for attention of their owners and if ignored can develop emotional problems. Free collies coonhound puppies are available at kennel clubs.

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