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Free Corgi Puppies For Sale

This is a herding breed which is playful, alert, loyal and devoted. The Corgi free puppies have a double coat. While the under coat is weather resistant and is short and thick, the outer layer is straight and course and is thicker and longer round the chest and neck. They come in red, fawn, sable and tan and black, sometimes with white markings. They grow to a height of 12 inches as adults and weigh around thirty pounds. Queen Elizabeth II has made this breed popular by her own personal preference for them. They are known to be good cattle herders and protectors of their homes. Their expressions show an interest in what is happening around them with an intelligent understanding look. Strong and hardy with a sturdy build this is a playful and alert animal which is loyal to its family. These dogs do not like to be left alone for long periods and can become destructive if this happens. They get on well with other pets in the home which they have been brought up with, but it is better to keep the Corgi with a family that has older and considerate children.

Low maintenance dogs, they only need regular brushing and need to be bathed when really necessary. Their diet should be watched and they should not be overfed. They can live in apartments and do not need much space to move around. Training them in a firm but patient manner is helpful because harsh treatment will not get the desired affect. They do well as therapy pets and are obedient and agile, love playing with the family.

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