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Free Coton de Tulear Puppies For Sale

The name Coton de Tulear came from its coat, which looks like cotton or fluffy. Coton is the French word for cotton. The hair covers the body completely and the coat colors can be seen in white and black. Some of the dogs have slight yellowish markings on the ears. Coton is a friendly, affectionate, alert, sociable and gentle dog. This dog has long, light textured hair, which requires care and daily brushing.

Coton de Tulear is very much attached to their home and to their masters. These dogs need the presence of their owners and try its best to please their masters. This is a great watchdog with full of surprises and tricks for his master. Coton has the tendency to jump and walk on their hind legs. They learn things quickly, but can become stubborn without proper guidance. Coton de Tulear is intelligent as well as willing to work.

This dog is suitable for apartments as they are active indoors and can manage without a yard. They will follow their owners on horseback for miles and enjoy wide open spaces. They like to play and swim as well as perform well in various dog sports like agility skills and catch. The life expectancy of this dog is around 14-16 years. They need a bath only once or twice a year, which is enough to keep them clean and tidy. Coton is best for people who suffer from allergy as they shed little to no hair. To get free Coton de Tulear puppies, you can adopt them from a person or an organization, which are willing to give them for adoption.

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