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Free Curly-Coated Retrievers Puppies For Sale

Curly-coated Retrievers have a crisp curly coat and this thick, black or liver colored coat of tight curls protect the dog from brambles and icy water. Its whole body is covered with little curls, except the face, hocks and front of the legs, which are smooth. Curly is agile, strong and graceful, yet elegant. It has muscular limbs and the back is strong and level. It has a wedge shaped head and the muzzle tapers to form a well developed nostril and dark nose.

Curly is eager to please its master, easy to get along with and loyal to its master. They are proud, confident, clever, mischievous, sensitive, intelligent and trainable. They require early, gentle training, but with firm obedience training. Curly like to do things in their own way. They will perform well in competitive obedience and agility, but is not predictable. These dogs have to be socialized at a tender age because these breeds have a tendency to become reserved.

These dogs love to swim and are good to be used as watchdogs. Curly do not mature until it reaches the age of three. The weight of the dog will be around 65-80 pounds and height will be about 25-27 inches. They are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, eye problems and epilepsy. You can adopt free curly-coated retriever puppies from a person or an organization. These dogs are not suitable for small apartments and are best to kept in houses with large lawns. These dogs should not be left alone and it needs a lot of exercise. The coats have to be washed and regular brushing is required in its shedding season.

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