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Free Dachshunds Puppies For Sale

Dachshunds have always been very popular pets. And, today, when every home suffers from space constraints, a Dachshund puppy has become an ideal pet for an urban home.

Dachshund puppies are often nicknamed sausage puppies, wiener puppies or hot puppies and are one of the most favorite puppy breeds. It is common belief that the Germans first developed Dachshunds. The word “dachshund” literally means “a badger dog”. As the name implies, this breed of dogs were employed in the past to hunt and massacre badgers. But, today, Dachshunds are nothing but family pets.

Dachshund puppies have a longish body. This, along with their short legs and squat, makes them look like a barrel. Their legs are a bit disproportionate. The other parts of their bodies look like those of other puppies though. While a Dachshund puppy grows up, its height ranges between fifteen to eighteen inches. The average weight of these puppies is about eighteen to twenty-six pounds.

The facts that Dachshund puppies are ideal urban pets and that they are often a bit expensive lead puppy-lovers to look for free Dachshund puppies. Today, Internet makes the search for free Dachshund puppies easier as there are a number of websites where people advertise their puppies for free adoption. There are classified sites where you will find families advertising their Dachshund puppies with pictures and all other requisite details. Many families offer free Dachshund puppies as, their Dachshund may have given birth to a litter of five pups and, they have the space to grow only one of those.

Thus it should not be very difficult for puppy-lovers to find free Dachshund puppies, if they patiently look in the correct places.

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for sale dachshund puppies Posted on 8:08 AM
I have five 10 week old male dachshund puppies that are looking for good homes.

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