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Free Dogo Argentino Puppies For Sale

Dogs have been termed as the best friend of mankind. They have served humans in a number of ways. The Argentine bred Dogo Argentino is one such loyal customer. These free Dogo Argentino puppies were developed in the South American location for hunting games.

They are generally snow white in color with a large gait. This breed is muscular in nature and is specifically made for utility in hunting grounds. These animals are reputed for displaying their strength and agile body structure.

The male species measure up to 62cm while the maximum height attained is 68.5cm. Females are about a couple of cm shorter. These dogs are generally longer in appearance rather than being tall and are empowered with a steady head with a dome shaped skull which is broad in appearance.

Argentine Dogos are extremely loyal and loving to their masters. They generally possessive and do not like trespassing into their marked territory. These kinds of dogs are generally useful. You can derive various utility from this breed. They are trained for police work for tracking criminals, rescuing people from disasters, detecting narcotics and even as a guide.

These dogs are excellent in hunting in packs. This makes them less aggressive than other breeds. Dogos can become aggressive if they are not exposed to other breeds at a tender age. Although under expert trainers, they can become a lovable asset for any owner. These dogs dislike dominance from other breed of dogs, if they do not socialize optimally at a tender age.

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