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Among the breed of Spaniels, the Dutch has introduced free Drentse Patrijshond puppies from the province of Drenthe. The dog is also known as Dutch Partridge Dog. This breed is generally raised for hunting purposes and resembles somewhat to the setter breed of dog.

They grow up to 55 to 63 cm long and have a unique color coating. The color is generally white with brown plates. The color of the plates can also be rarely orange. There is always a brown plate covering the backside area around the tail region. Sometimes the coat can be tricolor added with tan markings. Rarely there are mantle on the coat but it does not suit the overall appearance of the Dutch invention.

Such a kind of dog is very friendly and obedient in the house unlike other hunting dogs. In the hunting ground, this dog is a champion showing impressive hunting skills with adequate motivation. They are very nice to children and loyal to their master. Their loyalty brings them very close to its family members.

For these dogs, hunting is their forte. They are can point their prey very efficiently and can then retrieve the game with ease. Their adapting capability to on both land and marshy region holds in their favor. The dogs are generally used to point and retrieve fowl, rabbits or other such small animals.

They are one of the rarest species of dogs. All the breed club of Netherlands together registers about 5000 Drentse Patrijshonds. Even in countries like Belgium, Norway and Denmark registers small fractions of this species.

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