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Free Dutch Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The Dutch has also contributed to the list of loyal members of the dog family. One of these are the free Dutch Shepherd puppies which grows up into a perfect land breed dog of great temperament and utility.

This clan of dog is custom made for farmers and shepherds. They are diverse in their functions, performing each function responsibly. These shepherd dogs demand less from its masters and can adapt themselves quickly to extreme conditions.

A Dutch Shepherd is a medium sized dog with intermediate weight and well groomed body which is rich on muscle content. They possess a balance structure which oozes out with intelligence and also a pleasant temperament.

The breed is of three types like the short, long, and the rough haired type of which the latter two are less popular. Rough haired variety is found in blue gray or salt and pepper look, while the other two types are found in silver to golden brindle hues.

The temperament of the breed is just perfect to make any owner jump with delight. These Dutch creations are faithful, responsible, reliable, obedient, and alert. The intelligent expression on their face along with a lively temperament is something which prevails within the dog.

The short haired type of Dutch Shepherd is being used by the police across Europe and the US. They are effective in rescue as well as searching operations. These utility species are smaller in stature and can thus easily be transferred to the scene to help out people in need. Their courage is eventually getting the necessary recognition.

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