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Free English Bulldogs Puppies For Sale

The English Bulldog, also referred to as the British Bulldog, originated completely in Great Britain now known as England. This stout canine received its name from the medieval era when dogs were used to rile up bulls prior to arena combat. This has long since been outlawed. The stature of the English Bulldog is robust and stands like a little bull.

The English Bulldog has short fine fur that easily can be groomed. They are an average shedder with coat colors ranging in red, white, and pale yellow. They have thick compact bodies and predominant hanging cheeks. The English Bulldog has small folded back ears and wide far set dark eyes. The lifespan of this breed is rather short averaging only 8 years, with some Bulldogs living shorter or longer lives. This hound’s average height ranges between 12 inches and 16 inches tall and weighs between 50 pounds and 55 pounds. These lovable pets often snore loudly and drool often.

If you have a family and come across free English Bulldog puppies this may be a good choice for you. These dogs may have the appearance to be intimidating but are quite affectionate. In fact, the English Bulldog is one of the leading dogs in gentleness. The Bulldog not only likes people of all ages but seeks out human affection. These wonderful family pets can be protective of things such as toys, furniture, or rooms if not properly trained. A little discipline and leadership from the owner can curb this behavior. The English Bulldog is a great pet and loving family companion.

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