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Free English Coonhound Puppies For Sale

Better known as Redtick Coonhound, free English Coonhound puppies generally originate from southern US.

Unlike other coonhounds, this particular breed is found in variety of coloration to meet the standards of the clan. The coloration can be anything between tricolored, bluetick, redtick to tricolored inclusive of ticking. Red is the dominant color and hence the nickname. Color diversification is primarily due to DNA differences. The dogs are sleeked for their hunting abilities and intelligence.

This bred are well mannered and friendly dogs that are eager to socialize pretty quickly. One drawback to the kind is the lingering meanness among the members. This creates difficulty while training them. Since they are strong willed hence they require more practice and skill to train.

The young ones of its kind are very playful and energetic and always seek human attention and affection. This time demands lots of exercise for a prospective future. They can prove to be irritating at times by constantly availing your personal couches or bed for their own use without bothering about your likeliness.

The English Coonhound is a lovely pet in the house. They are also efficient hunters when they are hunting in packs. You can also utilize the Coonhounds as watch dogs due to their large mouth with rhythmic bawl to alert you instantly in times of crisis.

In case of hunting, these Coonhounds prove effective against trailing tree animals like raccoons. In fact several competitions are held testing the skills of these dogs in fields of pack hunting or hunting of raccoons.

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