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Free English Setters Puppies For Sale

The English had raised free English Setters puppies to be an efficient breed of dog. This clan of dogs falls in to the Setter family which consists of breeds like the Irish red or white setter.

They possess a flat coat with occasional and very limited feathering. There are areas which have long feathers which require great care and grooming. This dog possesses unique belton coloration which is actually a flurry of colors which acquire a freckled form. The color can be a mix of black and white (blue belton), white and orange flecks (orange belton), or white and orange with a lighter shade on the nose (lemon belton). Other color combination is also prominent like liver belton.

This dog has a gentlemanly behavior. It is obedient, loyal and faithful. Sometimes matters can get nasty if they decide to become adamant and mischievous. They are high on energy and love the company and attention of humans. Such a breed is responsible and performs the job given to it, be it hunting or any other homely activity. Their love for children is genuine.

English setters are intelligent and can be trained easily. Positive encouragement is beneficial to the training because the clan is sensitive. If trained well, then the dog is ready to do any job except for herding.

Normally these dogs live up to 10 to 12 years with a trouble free life. They need sufficient space to run about to retain their hunting capabilities. Inside the house they become less active and hence lose their hunting prowess and serve as lapdogs.

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