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Free English Springer Spaniels Puppies For Sale

Among breed of traditional spaniel gun dogs, free English Springer Spaniel puppies are an important name due to their precise retrieving and flushing prowess. You can recognize this breed from the coat color which is a blend of liver and white.

Both the field breed and the show breed are diverse in characteristics. They possess different genes and are specific to their work. Field breed will not even qualify to win a dog show while a show breed will lack the stamina and agility of the field breed.

In scales of temperament, this dog is very affectionate and likes to be amidst a family. Its alert and vigilant nature provides an edge during hunting. This breed rates high in terms of intelligence and learning.

Long legs help them to run fast after its prey. The steam never runs out due to exceptional stamina of the dog. Lots of exercise and training is needed to maintain the focus of the dog on its responsibilities.

The dog has some celebrity quotient attached to it as President George W. Bush is already credited for owning a couple of Springer Spaniels.

These dogs are playful in nature and can easily amuse you with their skills on playing with simple objects like plastic bottles. They possess a very good memory and are good at finding things for you.

It is really easy to train the dog in hunting and making it aware of all the technicalities related chasing. Retrieving, flushing, soft mouth is some of the terms which this spaniel will grasp really easily.

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