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Free Finnish Spitz Puppies For Sale

The Finnish Spitz, an arctic dog, was originally found in mid Russia near the Volga River which is known as Finland today. This breed has been around for over 2000 years and is known as the national dog of Finland. The Finnish Spitz is even mentioned in patriotic songs and literature of the Finnish. The Spitz moved out to other Scandinavian countries until being accredited as an AKC dog in 1987.

In the event that you come across free Finnish Spitz puppies, you will be happy to find a playful pet. The Finnish Spitz is described as looking fox like. Its pointed ears and almond shaped eyes give that fox like appearance. Most Spitz dogs are either a reddish or honey colored. They have a heavy medium length fur that is double coated. They are seasonal and heavy shedders. The Finnish Spitz has a beautiful curved tail that swirls up and over its back and rests at its side. This attractive Spitz stands between 15 inches to 20 inches in height and weighs between 30 pounds and 35 pounds. They have a healthy lifecycle of 12 to 15 years.

The Finnish Spitz dogs are fond of hunting fowl and make excellent family pets. These are definitely barkers. If you are seeking a quiet dog this may not be your first choice. The Finnish Spitz is very attentive and likes a lot of attention. The canine is great for all ages of children to the very young to the elderly. The Spitz is a bit stand offish towards strangers and can sometime dislike other dogs. In most cases, they are good with other animals. The Finnish Spitz would be a great family pet and would love the attention a family would bring.

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