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Free French Bulldogs Puppies For Sale

The breed of free French Bull Dog puppies was created in England to be a miniature Bull Dog. English lace makers carried them to France, where they became very popular and acquired the nickname “Frenchies”. These little creatures became favorites of the Parisian street walkers, as the exotic looking dogs brought a lot of attention to their owners. Soon the free French Bull dog puppies became a fashionable way for the well to do classes.

These outlandish looking dogs are compact, muscular with a solid bone structure. The free French Bull dog puppies have a smooth coat, snub nose and are mostly characterized by their large, erect and rounded bat ears. Though these free French Bull dog puppies are available are various colors, the ones which are brindled are highly prized.

Free French Bull dog puppies are a gentle breed. Their exercise requirements are minimal and have a fairly sensible attitude towards barking. Their calm nature makes free French Bull dog puppies, an excellent choice for apartment dwellers.

These dogs like to maintain close contacts with humans and are outstanding companions. They can be fabulous family friends and great show dogs. The funny little tricks and the comical ways of the free French Bull dog puppies will make you laugh everyday.

Though these free French Bull dog puppies love to play for hours, there may be times when they would just want to relax on the sofa for days. Their antics and idiosyncrasies can be both frustrating and delightful. Hence free French Bull dog puppies, need owners who are consistent, firm, and patient.

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