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Free French Spaniel Puppies For Sale

The special breed of free French Spaniel puppies has been developed in France. The French had developed this Spaniel breed for multipurpose gundog. The Dog has kept its loyalty to the owners and has been a faithful server with both pointing as well as retrieving capabilities.

The free French Spaniel puppies males are generally 21 to 24 inches long weighing anywhere between 45 to 60 pounds. The free French Spaniel puppies females are generally a little less long than the males. The free French Spaniel puppies coat is white with occasional dark brown marks while the skin adapts to both cold and hot conditions.

The free French Spaniel puppies’ fur is medium on some parts and dense on other parts, with long feathers on ears, tail and back of both hind and fore legs. The longest Spaniel member generally has a flat chest but it seems to be wavy due to its fur.

The free French Spaniel puppies are an intelligent dog which listens to its masters but does not submit to rough handling. The free French Spaniel puppies acquire quick knowledge and can be well trained with effective lessons. You need to give the them abundant space to flex its muscles and thus prove to be an effective hunter on both land and water.

The free French Spaniel puppies are versatile in its working. They can be dangerous yet be elegant in their hunting process. Their body simply built, stylish, lithe and full of energy which is optimum for hunting purpose.

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